Lets’s try coding!

The Australian Government claims to be a 21st Century Government and stresses the need for school children to learn coding.  The Australian government has in fact included coding for Years 5 to 12 as a mandatory component in the national curriculum.

In preparation for the 2016 school year, I plan to familiarise myself with a few more coding programs for use on laptops and iPads.  I’ve dabbled with Scratch (computers) and Scratchjr (iPads) in the past and would love to explore further programs.  Hence, I pose the following question:

What programs are you using to introduce coding to your Year 5 and 6 students and how do you program the implementation of coding?

All suggestions welcomed.  

Many thanks!




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8 thoughts on “Coding

  1. I use a website called symbaloo to record my useful website links. They recently sent me a tab with at least 30 website links to all number of useful coding sites for kid, including scratch, tynkler and as well as coding for girls.

    • Hi Emma, thanks very much for your comment. I’ll check out Symbaloo and see if I can get a hold of that tab with all the coding websites, that’d be great! I use Diigo to store all my favourites websites. Thanks again.

  2. The Australian government has made the right choice adding coding as a mandatory subject, as it can help children for their future jobs.
    From Simon

  3. Dear Mrs Quealy,
    I am really happy that we are learning about coding this year. I’m also excited about Geography. I am also excited about History. I have also decided to do a passion project about Eddie Mabo.

    From Luca

    • I agree with Luca,
      I am also looking forward to learning more about coding because, in the future, I hope to program my own game or website.

  4. Dear Mrs Q
    We actually used scratch and we are going to try and other sites.
    Any tips? Once we use we will compare the two different coding sites and decide which one we think is the best.

    Kind regards Toby and Thomas

  5. Dear Mrs Q, It is great that we have an awesome educational class blog. I am also looking forward to doing more coding.
    From Ryan

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