“The Most Magnificent Thing”

Today, we read the picture book “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires. It’s a great children’s book with a positive and inspiring message. This story is all about a little girl who likes to make things. Her best friend is her assistant who happens to be her pet dog. We won’t tell you too much more as we don’t want to spoil the story for you, but the little girl shows enormous effort, drive and persistence to achieve her goal even though she goes through some trying and testing moments.  This picture book demonstrates the “Growth Mindset” at work – knowing that if you keep on trying, you will eventually achieve your goal! Why not read the book and discover what the little girl (and her helpful assistant) achieve?  We are sure you will be delighted.



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4 thoughts on ““The Most Magnificent Thing”

  1. Dear Mrs Quealy
    The Picture is cool! I like the book because it’s all about not giving up and always trying your best to achieve your goals. My favourite part of the book is when she figured out not to give up. She made “The Most Magnificent Thing”. What is you favourite part of the book.
    From Alannah

    • Hi Alannah, I’m so glad you enjoyed the picture book. My favourite part of the book is when the little girl looked back over what she had done and saw that it wasn’t all bad, that there were actually good bits, bits she could reuse. That reminds me of all the work we complete in class because we are all revising our work and editing it until it is just how we like it (even when we thought it was no good). I wonder what name we could give the little girl. Any suggestions?
      From Mrs Q

  2. You’re right Mrs Quealy, it does leave a positive and inspiring message. You should never give up or quit. I recommend this as a great picture book, don’t you?

  3. Dear Mrs Q,
    I enjoyed the book ‘The most magnificent thing’ because the girl had perseverance and never gave up!
    My favourite part of the book was when the girl realised there were some good things about the other parts and so she put all those good parts together as one!

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