Testing the effects of yeast!

The result of bread mixture with yeast.

The result of bread mixture with yeast.

As you can see we have one loaf of risen bread, it actually rose quite high. This is the loaf that contained yeast.  This risen loaf of bred was made with 1kg bread mixture.  The bread making machine used to bake our loaf had a limit of 750g.  Therefore, the top of the loaf did not bake because the mixture rose so high it hit the lid of the machine.  The mixture took up every bit of space in the machine.  A 1kg micture was obviously too much!!!



The result of bread mixture without yeast.

The loaf of bread that did not rise didn’t contain yeast.

This loaf was as hard as a rock, so hard in fact, Mrs Quealy couldn’t even cut it.


The crew responsible!

The crew responsible!

Our Year 6 students ate most of the loaf that had risen. It had a rather salty taste and felt like a sponge.  The uncooked top portion was quite moist and doughy, feeling a bit spongy, so we didn’t eat that bit!

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