Harmony Day


Last week our school celebrated Harmony Day.  A lot of students wore their national costume, representing their cultural heritage.  Here’s Talia and Charlene representing the cultures of Croatia and the Philippines.  Other students wore orange, the colour recognised worldwide for Harmony Day.  Our school is highly multicultural, meaning that we not only have a great deal of cultural diversity in our school but we are encouraged to demonstrate our cultural traditions as we play and learn together in harmony.  So celebrating world Harmony Day makes perfect sense to us!  One of the activities we did on the day was to write Harmony Poems.  Here’s Charlene’s poem.  Thanks for sharing Charlene



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3 thoughts on “Harmony Day

  1. Thank you, Mrs Quealy for putting mine and Charlene’s photo up for Harmony Day. I really enjoyed Harmony Day and I thought the costumes that other people were wearing were really fascinating.

  2. Hello from Brooklyn, NY from Ms. C’s 711 class. We liked learning about what you are doing in your school and what you celebrate. Please visit our blog soon!

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