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Hi everyone, I’m Mrs Quealy and I’ve been teaching since 1981 – that’s over 3 decades! Admittedly, I’ve had time off to travel overseas (17-month honeymoon) and begin a family. In all, I’ve been teaching full-time for 28 years with a few years of part-time and casual teaching along the way. Teaching would have to be the most exciting and rewarding profession a person could possibly experience. It’s never monotonous, every day brings something new and thrilling and with the implementation of technology over the years, teaching has become even more stimulating and fulfilling.

Yippee, I’m so glad to be returning to blogging with my students. Unfortunately, I’ve had to put blogging on hold for two years due to some intensive studying, having recently completed a Masters Degree in Gifted Education at the University of New South Wales. With my course completed, I now have the time and energy to return to blogging!  Brilliant, I love blogging!

I’ve taught in numerous schools in Australia including various schools in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, others in coastal and country areas of NSW as well as schools interstate.  I’ve also taught overseas too! The red spots on the world map below indicate where I’ve taught. 

Map Spots

There are many reasons for my great love of teaching but my greatest reason is because I love learning, particularly with my students. There’s just so much to know, it’s great fun learning and I love trying new things!

My husband, Mark, and I have two sons, Ned and Tom and live in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately we don’t have any pets (maybe a puppy next Christmas).  


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