How to a Write Quality Comment

It’s very important to write quality comments when responding to people’s posts.

What does a quality comment look like?

A quality comment:

  • uses conventional writing rules: correct punctuation (capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, question marks and inverted commas); correct spelling and correct grammar so that the intended message is portrayed.
  • is 100% correct because it has been thoroughly checked and edited before submitted
  • is always polite and encouraging, evoking a happy response and great satisfaction
  • begins with a welcoming greeting
  • doesn’t use “text talk” eg LOL
  • compliments the post author
  • begins or maintains a conversation either by asking a question or adding new relevant information
  • never reveals personal information

The following rubric by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (better known as Langwitches in the world of blogging) is an excellent guide for judging the quality of your comment.  It is helpful for devising quality comments when responding to blog posts.


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