Our First Day in Year 6!

We are having a marvelous first day in Year 6, jam-packed with lots of different activities. We started off in the amphitheatre on the playground where we were organised into three different classes: 6R, 6G and 6S.

Once inside our classroom we completed an activity called “Find A Classmate Who….” This was all about getting to know each other better.  It was a fun and thrilling task.

Following this, we got organised with our exercise books.  Each subject was colour coded so we wouldn’t get them all mixed up.  We got this great idea from Ms Goodwin, the 6G teacher.  It’ll make it easier for us to be sorted!

When we completed sorting our exercise books we watched a YouTube clip called “The Learning Brain.”  As you can guess, it was all about how our brain works.  Eating nutritious food, getting plenty of sleep and exercise and drinking lots of water are all very important factors for effective brain function.  We also learnt that our intelligence is not fixed, that it can improve, which means we our intelligence is able to grow and develop.  We can all be smarter than what we are now!  That’s amazing!  Now we know that, there’s no excuse for not doing our best and trying our hardest.

Following morning tea, we met our Kindergarten buddies.  This was the best part of the day.  We chatted and played with them and got to know them.  We’re all looking forward to spending more time with our buddies.

Finally, the last activity of the day was learning how to code.  We used the coding program called “Scratch.”  We’ve got a long way but we certainly had a great time.